Supergoop! CC Cream

foundation_collageFinally! The perfect foundation for a fresh face. This CC Cream by SuperGoop! works overtime as a primer, foundation, moisturizer, and SPF while staying light weight and oil-free.

I’ve always loved tinted moisturizers and BB Creams for those casual days that you don’t feel like wearing any make up, but you still need moisturizer and/or SPF before leaving the house. However, a lot of moisturizers and BB’s don’t do anything for my complexion if my skin is looking splotchy and red that day. Enter CC Cream!

Color Correcting or “CC” Cream is meant to work like BB Cream, but has “light diffusing particles” that help even out the skin tone. So far, I’m in love! Supergoop! is lightweight (feels like you’ve just put on moisturizer), and it covered like a light foundation. If you’ve never tried a CC Cream before, I highly recommend Supergoop!


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