12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Malisa and I are hosting a super fun giveaway over on Instagram. We want to spread lots of holiday fun, so our giveaway has 12 winners! You can check it out on either of our Instagram feeds (@beautybento, @ed_nails), look for this picture:

giveaway_v2You can view the rules on Instagram, but you can read them below as well. So check it out!

  1. You must be following @ed_nails AND @beautybento. Please don’t unfollow after the giveaway. That’s just mean, plus you won’t be allowed to participate in future giveaways.
  2. Must repost this picture and tag @ed_nails and @beautybento with the hashtag #edbento12daysgiveaway.
  3. Anyone under the age of 18 must have instavideo parental consent for us to ship the prize to you if you win.
  4. One entry for reposting the picture (there may be ways to earn extra entries).
  5. The giveaways start on December 13th and end on December 24th. We will cut off entries for the current day’s giveaway at 4pm EST. The very latest you can enter the giveaway until December 24th, 4pm EST.
  6. Although there will be 12 chances to win, you can only once. We want to spread the holiday love!



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