Beauty on a Budget: CVS Brag

I’ve never been big on the whole couponing craze. I tried it once a couple of years ago, and it just seemed to take up so much time. However, as my husband and I went over our budgeting plan for the next few months, I realized that I needed to make a few big changes in my spending habits. So I decided to give it another go, focusing on my kryptonite, beauty products.  Instead of trying to apply coupons on “ALL THE THINGS,” I decided to try and save a buck or two on make up products that I know I won’t be able to walk away from.

Boy did I save “a buck or two.” In short, I made two transactions at CVS and bought $55.90 worth of make up products, but only paid….wait for it…$15.29! For my second transaction at CVS, I bought $51.31 worth of beauty products, and only had to shell out $8.81!!!! (The extra exclamations are trying to illustrate the excited dance I did in front of the cash register.)


Now, I realize that dishing out $24 for make up doesn’t exactly fall in line with my original plan of cutting back. But the savings!!! I could have spent $107. It could have been a lot worst. But enough bragging, I’m sure you want to see the break down on how it was done.

CVS Transaction #1 –

Note: Keep in mind that I held on to these coupons for a week or two waiting for different brands to go on sale.

Retail Price Sale Price My Coupons What I Paid
L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish $5.99 $2.99 $1.00 $1.99
L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss $7.99 $3.99 $1.00 $2.99
L’Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow Quad $7.99 $3.99 $1.00 $2.99
L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation $12.99 $6.49 $1.00 $5.49
ColorStay Just Bitten Lipstain $9.29 $2.32 $2.00 $0.32
Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss $7.99 $1.99 $2.00 -$0.01
Subtotal  $13.77
 Tax  $1.52
 Total   $15.29
I Saved…   $40.60

* Note: CVS calculates tax before manufacturer coupons are applied.

CVS Transaction #2 –

Actual Price Sale Price My Coupons What I Paid
Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss $7.99 $1.99 $1.99
Revlon Cream Blush $10.99 $2.75 $2.75
Revlon ColorStay Shadow Stick $9.99 $2.49 $2.49
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze $9.99 $2.49 $2.00 $0.49
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze $8.99 $2.25 $2.00 $0.25
Subtotal $7.97
Tax $0.84
Total $8.81
      I Saved… $42.50

Do you have a beauty brag? Let us know in the comments!


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