Nails of the Day: Bring on the Party Punch!

My thirty-one “Party Punch” inspired mani.

2013 was a big year for thirty-one purse parties. I can’t even remember how many I was invited to “participate” in. If you’re unfamiliar with these “parties”, then let me summarize it up for you – someone “hosts” a party, hands you a catalog, and you proceed to pay too much money for items that you’ve talked yourself into needing. Thirty-one is like Vera Bradley’s little sister who keeps experimenting with style trends.

Anyways…like I was saying, 2013 was a big year for thirty-one purse parties. I’ve got utility totes for the car, small cube totes for my bathroom drawers, beauty travel bags, freezer bags, and small organizing totes that I carry my lunch/snacks in for work. I’ve got a lot of thirty-one. But I LOVE ALL OF THEM! Not necessarily for their usefulness, but because they come in some wonderfully bright and fun patterns!

Today I was trying to think of a fun mani to do while snow threatens to cover the entire mid-west in white. Then I spied my organizing utility tote… The lines! The colors! The Inspiration! (I’m snowed it. I was really bored. So yes, I was that excited.)

The base I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”. For the pink I used Essie “Watermelon”. The gray is Julep in “Daria”. The teal is Formula X in “State of the Art”. For the teal color, I mixed in some of the white to make it lighter. I also mixed some of the white in with “Daria” to get the lighter gray color.


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