Wantable Beauty Box Review: Is it worth it?

Like Birchbox and Ipsy, Wantable is a beauty subscription service that customizes a beauty box for you based on a series of profile questions. Unlike Birchbox and (sometimes) Ipsy, Wantable’s chooses 4-5 full-sized products for you based on a significantly more in depth and specific beauty profile questionnaire. For example, you can choose which make up products you would like to see in your box, and decide which ones you can live without. If you said you like blush products, the questionnaire will ask what kind of blushes you prefer (cream, stain, powder, etc). If you said you love nail polishes (like we do), the questionnaire will ask you to choose your favorite finishes (textured, glossy, satin, matte, etc). Sounds pretty awesome, right? The only catch is that this subscription service comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $36 a month or $40 for a one time box.

For the sake of curiosity, I decided to purchase a one time box. Before I tell you whether or not I decided to return to the site and purchase another subscription box, let’s check out the goods that I received in my first box.


Be a Bombshell in “Flustered”


Looks familiar? If it does, its because Ipsy threw these babies into their monthly bag back in December. Thankfully Wantable gave me a completely different color than the one I had already. “Flustered” is a bright red shade that blends into a sheer reddish pink. When put on the lips, its fairly sheer with enough color. It gives you the, “I just ate a popsicle or drank red Kool-aid look.” When worn on the cheeks, it gives your face a nice rosy glow. My husband complimented me, and told me that my “cheeks were ready for the cold.” (lol spouses…)


ncla Los Angeles ‘5-Free’ Luxury Nail Lacquer

Here at Cross-Country Beauty we (obviously) love our nail polish. So imagine my excitement when I saw the ncla polish in my box. I was a little iffy about “Bullion in a Bottle” at first. At first glance the gold hue looks more like a murky beige in the bottle, but once it’s swatched on the hand, the gold really shines. The multi-colored glitter pieces really sit well in the gold, and looks like small sparkling jewels. The downside with the polish is with the finish. I’m not into textured polishes, at all, and the foil like finish of the gold combined with the glitter just makes the finish too bumpy for my liking. Fair warning, like most glitter polishes, this one gets a big thumbs down for ease of removing.


Dew Lip Gloss by 29

I love lip glosses! I had never heard of 29 before, so this product was completely new to me. The color is a sheer nude. It’s perfect for wearing on top of another color, or just wearing on its own. The formula wasn’t very sticky like some glosses tend to be, and I like that there’s SPF in it.  I kind of wish I got a lip gloss that had more color in it, because honestly I can’t say if I would consider buying another lip gloss from this company otherwise without knowing how pigmented their other glosses are.

Whip Hand Cheek Flash Loose Blush


Like 29, Whip Hand is also a new brand for me. I was a little hesitant about the Cheek Flash loose blush purely because the pink color was SO bright. But after swatching the powder over my hand, I realized that the powder blends really well, and the color becomes more sheer than I thought it would. There is a slight shimmer to it, so beware, but when used sparingly, the color really softens up the face.


Sorme Treat & Tint BB Cream

Foil packet? Really Wantable? I really, really wish I could love this product. The color was perfect. The coverage was sheer, but still evened out the skin tone. It comes with a nice big SPF 30 in it….but it just didn’t sit well. It was more shiny than matte, and it just made my skin look (and feel) greasy after awhile. Needless to say I removed it as soon as I could before my face could break out.


Overall, the box was a little lackluster considering it cost between $36-$40. Yes you get full-sized products with this box, but considering that I get the same products (in the same size) in my Ipsy bag for only $10 a month, I can honestly say that the price of this service is far from worth it. Sorry Wantable, but I think I will stick with what I have for now.



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