CDB Lacquer Swatch & Review

**Please note that all products reviewed were bought (fully priced) by me. I was not contacted to do a review by the owner of CDB Lacquer before or after my purchase. I just wanted to do it! 

Hi guys! Here at Cross Country Beauty we love supporting the Indie polish community. After trying out a few bottles here and there, we like telling our friends about our experiences with not only the polish, but also with working with the polish makers themselves. This past month I bought two polishes from CDB Lacquer, and I can’t wait to buy from her again!


Mermaid Wishes

Mermaid Wishes by CDB Lacquer

I love buying glitter mixed polishes for mainly one reason, and that’s to make jelly sandwiches. “Mermaid Wishes” does not disappoint, as the mix of turquoise  stars and multi colored holo hexes add so much dimension to any mani. The application was fairly easy. You obtain a lot of glitter in a single swipe. Sometimes the glitter would initially clump up on top of each other, but a wooden cuticle stick makes spreading and moving the pieces very easy. In the instructions you receive from the maker, she advises that “dabbing” the polish on is the best way to apply it, and I found that to be true as I progressed.

Removing the glitter was surprisingly easy. I judge glitter polishes on the ease of removal just as much as I judge them on application and sparkle. Because lets face it, there aren’t a lot of situations more annoying than removing glitter nail polish. However, after a quick soak most of the glitter pieces just wiped right off, and I didn’t even have to use the foil method!

Overall, I got a TON of compliments with this mani. Even the husband spoke up and told me that he, “liked the color and stars, and it’s (the jelly) a neat effect.”

Heart’s Desire

Hearts Desire by CDB Lacquer

Hearts Desire by CDB Lacquer

I really, really wished that I had ordered “Heart’s Desire” in time for Valentine’s Day. It would have been perfect! “Heart’s Desire” is a polish from CDB’s “Pro vs. Anti V-Day Collection.” It’s a clear glitter topper filled with pink and silver hearts, and pink and blue holo hexes.  I have two different mani pics because I wanted to show awesome this topper looks with different shades of polish. On top of lighter shades, like the light pink Zoya that I used, the heart pieces look  like they’re surrounded by light blue glitter pieces. However, when I topped my red jelly polish with “Heart’s Desire,” the blue hexes glitter gold in the light. I’m not going to lie, but the gold affect with the pink hearts is stunning in person, and I’m sad that I couldn’t capture glitter affect on camera. Like “Mermaid Wishes” the glitter goes on pretty heavy, so dabbing is the best method of application. I wasn’t getting as many hearts as I wanted to, so I had to do a bit of fishing  in the bottle, but glitter placement is a skill that I’m trying to work on so I didn’t mind. Also like “Mermaid Wishes,” removal was super easy!


CDB Lacquer Customer Service Review

In terms of her overall business, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. If I remember correctly, I got a shipment notification with tracking info the SAME DAY that I placed my order. Needless to say I was blown away (and super excited) by how quickly my order was acknowledged and processed. The polishes all arrived safely and wrapped up in bubble wrap and colorful paper/ribbon. Along with my order I received a thank you card, instructions for care due to cold weather shipment, and small handful of candy. I absolutely love it when people take the extra effort to ALL details of their customer’s order.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with the quality that CDB Lacquer produced. There have been quite a few indies popping up lately, and I’ve noticed that some people like to think they can just throw a bunch of glitter into a clear coat and call it a day. I think CDB’s color combinations and glitter size choices were well thought out, and they all complimented each other very well.  She’s mentioned on Instagram that she has some new stuff coming up, so definitely keep an eye out for those this spring!


**Please note that all products reviewed were bought (fully priced) by me. I was not contacted to do a review by the owner of CDB Lacquer before or after my purchase. I just wanted to do it! 


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