Swatch: Sunset Orange

My nails are currently naked since I’ve been giving them a break. In the meantime, enjoy this swatch from awhile back that I never posted!

This is a swatch of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Sunset Orange. I picked this up in a larger pack from Ross. Unfortunately one of the bottom corners was chipped so I had to swatch it really quickly before it dried out. (I’m not sure how long it will take to dry out, but I’m hoping I can get some more wear from it!) This is really fun orange color. I’ve really enjoyed every Rimmel color I’ve tried. The wide brushes make application super easy and the formula was great to work with as well. I swatched with two coats and a top coat. I used a white undercoat on my index and ring finger. I actually really like both colors. For wearing this color, it would depend on what kind of look I was going for when deciding to use the white undercoat. Without further ado, pictures!

Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange


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