Magic Kiss Color Changing Lipstick

In one of my recent nail mail packages from Ed, she included a Magic Kiss color changing lipstick. The label claims that it, “changes to a beautiful shade of red activated by your body chemistry.” Honestly, it sounded a bit gimmicky but I decided to give it a try it at least once.

Magic Kiss Color Changing Lipstick

Magic Kiss with Aloe Vera

The original color in the tube looks like a pale, coral pink. There’s aloe vera in the formula so the application isn’t as drying as cheap lipsticks tend to be, but it doesn’t provide a ton of moisture.

Magic Kiss

When I swatched the color on my hand, the pink color darkened, but didn’t quite reach a red. The shade looks more fuchsia than anything. Applying the lipstick on the lips wasn’t any different than the shade on my hand, as my lips definitely look more pink than red. Actually, it really reminds me of the stain you get when you drink cherry Kool-aid.

Magic Kiss Hand Swatch
The staying power of the color is somewhat impressive. After about 4 hours, a bit of rubbing, and 2 hand washes, my hand still has a dark pink stain from where I swatched. The color on my lips is a bit faded after eating lunch, but there’s still enough color to prevent me from re-applying more.

Overall, Magic Kiss is a fun product. I’d be interested in seeing swatches of the color on other people to see if their coloring turns darker or lighter than mine did.


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