The Easter Morning Collection by CDB Lacquer

It’s my favorite nail time of the year! Spring polish collections are being released by indie makers left and right, and they all look amazing! In this post, I’ll be reviewing some of CDB Lacquer’s upcoming spring releases.

In the past, CDB Lacquer only released glitter toppers. But this Friday she will be releasing her first set of jelly/crelly creations with her “Easter Morning” collection and her “Dr.Who pt2” collection. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some polishes from the “Easter Morning” collection. The formulas for each are 5-free, and really easy to work with. They weren’t too thick or thin, no streaking, and self-filling. All the polishes in this particular collection are “crellies.” However, there are a couple of twists that CDB threw into them that I think you’re going to like.


Cotton Tail

Cotton Tail by CDB Lacquer

Cotton Tail by CDB Lacquer

Normally people say to leave the best for last, or at least to leave your favorite until the end. However, I can’t help myself, and I need to share the amazeballs that is “Cotton Tail.” This was the first polish that I swatched, and the last one that I put back on. “Cotton Tail” is a baby blue crelly filled with blue and white glitter…AND rainbow shifting micro glitter. I used a clear base, about 3 thin layers of color, and a top coat. The glitters went on evenly, and I didn’t have any issues with clumping. The finished look wasn’t as squishy as I typically like, but that could probably be fixed with thicker or more layers. Overall, my favorite in the entire collection.


Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears by CDB Lacquer

Bunny Ears by CDB Lacquer

Bunny Ears” is a pink crelly with rainbow shifting micro glitter that sparkle like diamonds when you’re in the sunlight. The polish is actually more pearly than creamy, but that gives the color a lot more dimension than I was expecting. The pearly sheen to the finish actually makes the color look a bit brighter than a soft pastel, but the extra shine really makes this pink beautiful. The formula for this one was thicker than the others, but it was still easy to work with. For this shade I used a clear base coat, 2 layers of “Bunny Ears“, and a top coat (even though I don’t think you necessarily need it).



Peeps! by CDB Lacquer

Peeps! by CDB Lacquer

Peeps!” I’ve never encountered a polish that mimicked food so well. Yes, I realize that statement sounds really odd, but hear me out. “Peeps!” is a pale yellow crelly with white glitter, and yellow micro glitters that give it a textured finish. That textured, bumpy finish completely reminds me of the sugary coating that covers those fat marshmallow birds. Despite the texture, the application was really easy. The formula wasn’t too thick, and the glitter didn’t clump up. I used a clear base coat, 2 layers of “Peeps!,” and no top. Even though I didn’t use a top coat, the finish was still semi-shiny. As a person who typically shies away from textures, I wasn’t put off from this color since the formula was thick enough that the bumps weren’t so rough.


Easter Egg Bonnet

Easter Egg Bonnet by CDB Lacquer

Easter Egg Bonnet by CDB Lacquer

Easter Egg Bonnet” is a purple crelly with dark purple glitter and rainbow shifting micro glitter (seriously, I’m loving CDB’s use of these rainbow glitters). The dark purple glitter gives the color a speckled look, and makes this shade look a bit darker than I would imagine for a pastel purple, but I’m OK with that. Light lavenders make my skin look ashy anyways. For this swatch I used a clear base, 3 layers of color, and a top coat for added gloss.


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt by CDB Lacquer

Easter Egg Hunt by CDB Lacquer

The green in “Easter Egg Hunt” really reminds me of the shiny green “grass” that people use to fill Easter gift baskets. This green crelly has some of that awesome rainbow shifting glitter that the others have, and also has neon green micro glitter that gives it a slight textured finish. The texture is a lot less obvious than “Peeps!” In fact, you can actually use 1-2 coats of a top coat and you won’t feel the texture at all. I’m a sucker for greens, and this shade is one of my favorites. The application was easy, and I only needed 2 layers for the amount of coverage that I prefer. I used a clear base, and only used 1 coat of top coat.


Overall, CDB Lacquer’sEaster Morning” is a fun collection that goes a bit out of the norm with some fun twists compared to other Spring collections being released this year. If you like what you see, be sure to set a calendar reminder, because this collection will be released Friday, March 28! (Be sure to check out my instagram pics for a 10% off code on your order.)



**All polishes were purchased at a discounted rate for review. **


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