Sig Fig Request Mani

Yesterday, Andrew and I were walking Whiskey and we saw some birds flying about. Andrew wondered aloud what kind of birds they were. Because there was some blue in them, I automatically answered that they were Blue Jays. I immediately took it back since I noticed these birds had no white feathers. As it turns out, these birds had a black feathers on the head and dark blue feathers on the body.

At that point, Andrew said that he hadn’t seen a lot of darker gradients. He followed that up with saying that he wants to see a black to dark blue gradient like the bird’s feathers! Now, here’s a disclaimer. Andrew mostly sees the nails that I show him from Instagram. He isn’t into nails, but he knows about nails and nail art by association. Plus, it’s getting into spring and summer so there are mostly super bright or pastel gradients.

However, Andrew doesn’t usually make mani requests. If my sig fig is going to be interested in nail stuff and request a mani, then I am definitely going to make that happen! So last night I did a black to dark blue gradient mani. I haven’t attempted a gradient mani since my first pic on Instagram…which was a total nail fail. Since my nail fail, I’d seen tutorials on gradients, but I was still hesitant to try them.

Thankfully, I did try it! And using some of the tips from all the tutorials I watched, I think I was able to create a pretty successful mani! Here are the tips that really helped me figure out gradients:

  1. Wait until your base color is completely dry. Whether the base is white or your lightest color, let it dry completely! The first gradient I did, I didn’t let the base dry and the sponge lifted up some of the base polish. You can paint your base and wait a day to put the gradient on or you can use a fast dry topcoat on the base color.
  2. Wet the makeup sponge (and squeeze it out) before putting polish on it. That will keep the sponge from absorbing so much polish so you don’t have to paint one color on the sponge a zillion times!

Just for reference, here’s that failed gradient from early in my polish addict life. There wasn’t much of a gradient between the colors, it was like one stopped and then the other one started. You can tell on my index finger that the polish is really bumpy since I didn’t wait for the base color to dry completely. I didn’t even like it enough to finish it or clean up! (My polishing technique has gotten better as well πŸ™‚ )

Sigh. Such a #fail.

Sigh. Such a #fail.

And here’s today’s mani! My technique (and photos) have much improved. I actually quite like this color combo. Even though it isn’t the standard color scheme you’d see for spring, the inspiration came from springtime birds. So, I think it counts as springy! πŸ˜€

I originally was going to use Julep, Lola for the blue. However, Lola is a navy blue and it was just too dark to tell a difference between the blue and black. I scrapped that color and moved on to the next dark blue from my stash. The blue I used in this mani is Cult Cosmetics, Point Dume. The black is an old Wet n Wild black that I’ve had since high school. Seriously, nail polish never goes bad!

I hope you like this mani as much as I do!



3 thoughts on “Sig Fig Request Mani

  1. OMG. This story is hilarious. Especially now that I’ve met him and can imagine his voice as he requests a mani! LOL! Have you heard of the “He Picks My Polish” challenge? I did it last month and it was super fun.

    • haha! At first I was wrote, “Andrew indirectly requested this mani.” Andrew read it and was all, “No, I was super direct, like I want you to do this gradient.” πŸ˜›

      • LOL! When I did the “He Picks My Polish” the concept is that the man picks 2-3 polishes and then you come up with a design. George picked my three and then said, “You will do a beach scene.” Hahaha! I was like, “Um…that wasn’t part of the deal!”

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