Swatch: Confetti Cake Batter

Today I have a fun swatch for you from EveryBeauty Boutique. This is Confetti Cake Batter.

I really enjoyed this polish! It applied really well and I didn’t have to fish for any glitter. I did some brush swirling, but there was no fishing. I think I may have gotten an older version than what is listed on the site. The swatches shown on the product page look like there is some really lovely shimmer in the polish. My polish doesn’t have any of that shimmer and now I kind of wish it did! Also, the description says it has a slight yellow tint. I didn’t feel like there was any yellow tint. On my thumb I did half over a white undie and half over my bare nail and I just don’t see the yellow. No biggie on that one since I like it white.

If you’re looking for a fun white crelly with non-annoying, thicker bar glitter, this could be it! I actually really loved the teal rectangle bar glitters. They are shorter than normal bar glitters which really works in their favor. I just look at them and think, “SPRINKLES!!!!”

For this swatch I used a white undie, two coats of Confetti Cake Batter and a top coat. All details were painted with acrylic paints. (And I’m going to show essentially the same photo three times because I love this so much and I couldn’t decide which one to use. :P)


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