Juicy Rinds: Watermelon

Today, I have a lovely gradient to share with you. As you know, I’m IN LOVE with Candied Apple Polish. Alison is a sweetheart and she makes ah-mah-zing polishes. Her glitter toppers are truly the succulent fruit of the nail polish tree. (How weird am I that I just called nail polish fruit?!?)

Anyway…I’ve been wanting to do this mani since I first saw Juicy Rinds, my most favoritest of Alison’s polishes. I’m just so enamored with Juicy Rinds. Maybe it’s the green and the pink together or the density of the glitter or the fun, yet small, glitter shapes, I just don’t know! I do know that everyone should own Juicy Rinds. For reals. Go get you some.

For this mani, I used a white undie, a watermelon gradient (pink, white, green) using the colors below, one coat of Juicy Rinds and a topcoat.

  • Pink: L.A. Girl Color POP, Intense
  • Green: L.A. Girl Color POP, Leap

Side note: I love L.A. Girl nail polishes. I’ve never once been let down by them. I’ve been disappointed by some salon brands, but never by L.A. Girl. They go on sale now and then at Rite Aid, usually 2 for $5. I would definitely recommend picking up some of their neons.

Yes, this is a different photo than the one above...It's just similar...

Yes, this is a different photo than the one above…It’s just similar…



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