Zoya Gradient

I did day 1 of #nailartjun, which is Sky. I won’t be doing the rest of #nailartjun, but I liked the first prompt. I thought a lot of people would do clouds, so I wanted to do something different. Don’t get me wrong, I love clouds! They’re so easy and you can do them in tons of colors. However, with that being the go-to choice for sky, I went with a night sky.

Basically this is a Zoya holo fangirl mani.These are the polishes I used.

  • Blue: Zoya, Dream
  • Purple: Zoya, Payton
  • Black: Zoya, Storm
  • Silver glitter: L.A. Girl Glitter Addict, Explosion


After a few days of wearing this mani, I was finally able to get an outdoor shot with sun. So here are those gorgeous photos. Sorry about the tip wear!


4 thoughts on “Zoya Gradient

  1. Love this look! And lucky you for getting a sun shot! That’s been super hard here lately…. Which is weird because I thought it was June but apparently mother nature thinks it’s February.

    • Yeah, it did take me a couple days to finally see the sun! I just looked at the weather forecast and apparently it won’t get nice again until next weekend???? What?!?

      ❤ ed

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