Yellow Stopper Experiment: Not Just a Topper

Guys! I just discovered the best nail tip ever! Using Yellow Stopper as a base (instead of the top coat that it’s “supposed” to be used for) makes removing glitter polishes so much easier! You just peel/pop it off.

I know, I know, the Yellow Stopper tip is not new news. However, just because dozens of pins on Pinterest say that Yellow Stopper works as a peel off base, doesn’t mean that I’m going to just assume it works without trying it out myself.

And so I did! And it was awesome!

The Experiment

For those who aren’t familiar with Yellow Stopper, it is a top coat for nails that helps prevent nails from yellowing. I’m not actually sure if it does, but when I applied it to my nails they did look a bit brighter. Anyways, here’s what I did with the top coat…

To start off with, I applied 2 coats of Yellow Topper on my naked nails. I allowed 2-3 minutes of dry time between each coat. I made the second coat a bit thicker than the first. Then I waited about 5-10 minutes to let the base dry (probably more on the 5 min side since I’m not that patient).

Yellow Stopper Top Coat

Yellow Stopper Top Coat

Then I applied 2 coats of glitter polish (specifically “My Own Reality” by Colors by Llarowe), followed by a top coat (HK Girl).

I’ve read on other reviews that the mani usually doesn’t last longer than 2-3 days. Mine didn’t last a full day, but that could be due to the fact that I (hand) washed my car, followed by a large load of dishes.

I didn’t even realize that the polish was popping off until I was cooking dinner and found one in the mac n cheese (gross, I know). However, that’s besides the point. Look how clean it came off!

IMG_5056I was able to use a cuticle stick to get under the others and push them off.

I know that most people wouldn’t use this Yellow Topper method if they wanted a mani that lasts longer than a day or two. However, for people like me who tend to switch manis every other day, Yellow Topper is the perfect base!

If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, I found my bottle at Sally’s Beauty Store, but I’m sure you can find some on Amazon if you don’t live near a Sally’s.



8 thoughts on “Yellow Stopper Experiment: Not Just a Topper

    • No kidding! I’m so happy I don’t have to soak/scrub glitter polishes with a cotton ball anymore. I already deal with dog and cat hairs, so the white cotton fibers were just nerve racking, lol!

  1. Oh! Two coats is a great idea! I just tried this (seriously, it’s like we’re one person, lol) and it didn’t come off as cleanly as I wanted it too. I’ll have to try more than one coat for sure. Worn alone though, it definitely brightens nails. The lavender tint counteracts any yellow staining. It makes the pink/nude nail beds pinker and the white free edge whiter. If I didn’t wear polish, I would totally just wear it on its own! ❤ ed

    • I thought it made my nails look brighter, but I couldn’t tell if I was just imagining things because I wanted it to work a certain way or not, lol.

  2. I’ve never tried Yellow Stopper myself but I heard great things! I currently use Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel, but it’s only available online, so if I were to run out I’d check out Yellow Stopper. I only use one thick coat of Glitter A-Peel and I get about a day of wear and it pops right off with a gentle nudge from a cuticle stick too.

    • Thanks for sharing! I’ve never heard of Glitter A-Peel before, I’ll have to check it out when I run out of this Yellow Stopper to see if it works better or not.

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