Nirvana by Takko Lacquer

This past weekend I uploaded a swatch of “Nirvana” by Takko Lacquer, and I probably got the highest amount of Likes I’ve ever had on my Instagram account. Granted, 79 Likes might not be anything to larger accounts, but for my small nail account it was awesome! Since the first swatch picture went over so well, I thought I would share a couple more swatch pictures of “Nirvana.”

Nirvana by Takko Lacquer

Nirvana by Takko Lacquer

“Nirvana” is a beautiful teal creme polish filled with gold flakies. It can easily be a one coater, because of its great opacity and thick (but not goopy) formula. I added two thin coats just for good measure (and habit). I topped the application with a coat of HK Girl top coat to make the finish glossier.

Nirvana by Takko Lacquer

Nirvana by Takko Lacquer

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Takko’s are lemmings that people rush to grab when there is a restock. I managed to grab 3 bottles during two different restock times on llarowe, a stockist for Takko Lacquer, but missed out during the Takko Lacquer website restock. All of the Takkos sold out in seconds. I remember staring at my screen completely baffled at 7:01 (a minute after the restock went live). Thankfully both Takko Lacquer and Llarowe announces ahead of time when they will be restocking, so you have a chance to set your alarms (seriously), and jump into the queue when the restocks go live.

You might be able to get your hands on some of these beauties at the following stores: (US Shipping) (Worldwide Shipping) (Worldwide Shipping)


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