#PNWPolish Round Robin…Round 2

A local polish group I’m a part of on Facebook has started doing a weekly Round Robin mani challenge/inspiration. Everyone “assigns” a mani inspiration in a circle.

My assigned inspiration was from Jessika, @jecksicakes, and it was this picture:


How perfect, another bright/rainbow theme!!! I got to try out some other polish colors for this mani. I originally had this lovely idea of doing a yin-yang daisy thing. That was a bit ambitious for me right now. Mostly because I could not seem to get the yin-yang shape right on my tiny canvases. After getting super frustrated with my failings at drawing curves, I decided to do a simple side French manicure. I love how easy is was to do and how colorful it came out!

The polishes that I used for this are as follows:



2 thoughts on “#PNWPolish Round Robin…Round 2

    • Thanks! I had actually wanted to so something else, but it was NOT working for me and I was getting super frustrated. I decided to keep my sanity and go with this, lol!
      ❤ ed

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