Zoya Pixie Summer Collection 2014

Today I have the Zoya Pixie Summer Collection to share with you all. Now I am not a fan of textured polishes…at all. I usually try to avoid them at all cost because I prefer gloss and shine over a rough texture, and the removal process is usually a pain in the butt because of all the glitter involved. However, a couple of months ago Zoya was running a special with a sampler of their Pixie Collection and a full sized bottle of their polish remover. Since I’m completely devoted to Zoya’s nail polish remover and needed a refill anyways, I went on ahead and got the collection.


The first one in the trio is “Ginni.” “Ginni” is a light pink jelly filled with tons and tons of holo glitter chunks. Since the color goes on pretty sheer, I had to use about 3 coats. However, 3 coats means that there’s more texture, so I threw on a top coat to kind of smooth things out.

Ginni by Zoya

Ginni by Zoya



Next up is “Bar.” “Bar” is a beige/gold-ish base with holo glitter. For this one, I applied 3 coats again because of the sheer base. Even though the other colors have the same glitter, for some reason I loved the glitter in this one the best. I felt like I was literally wearing crusted diamonds. I didn’t apply a top coat because I really wanted to emphasize the textured “diamonds.”

Bar by Zoya

Bar by Zoya



“Arlo” is the last one in the trio. The glitter chunks are mixed in a violet jelly base. I only needed 2 coats for opacity. This one wasn’t as light, shiny and sparkly as the other two colors, but this will still be a beautiful color for early fall.

Arlo by Zoya

Arlo by Zoya


I was inspired by Ed’s gradient mani in a previous post using Zoya polishes, so I decided to see how this trio would mesh together. 🙂

Zoya Pixie Gradient

Zoya Pixie Gradient


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