Swatch: Acid Watermelon

Today I have a quick swatch for you. This is Acid Watermelon from the L’Oreal summer neon collection. I knew I was going to buy this whole collection when I saw it on Nouveau Cheap. After watching Nicole over at Young Wild and Polished rave about Acid Watermelon, I decided to try that color first.

I love the color, but I didn’t love the formula as much. The first coat was very streaky, but thankfully it evened out after more coats.

This swatch is three coats plus a topcoat. (Sorry about the tip wear, I took the picture after a full day of work.)



2 thoughts on “Swatch: Acid Watermelon

    • It is! Apparently Essie Boom Boom Room (possibly the name?) and Zoya Kitridge are dupes. I’m pretty sure you have Kitridge since it was in the Tickled connection 🙂
      ❤ ed

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