Swatch: Drink the Sea

Today’s untried challenge theme was “Green.” So for my green nails, I decided to swatch “Drink the Sea” by Pahlish. I bought this one a couple of months ago, but it got lost in the shuffle when I was moving around my nail room. I happened to find this gem yesterday when I was trying to organize my polish colors. I’m so glad that I found this!

“Drink the Sea” is a gorgeous sea green with neon green and gold glitters. The formula is awesome. I was a little sad that the gold glitters didn’t shine through as much as the green glitters, but I still love the finished look regardless.

Drink the Sea by Pahlish

Drink the Sea by Pahlish


To help bring out some of the gold, I decided to accent the mani with a gold and green stamped gradient. I also threw on a super cute midi ring by Charmingly Simple Nail Art.




You can buy this polish and more awesome colors from Pahlish here:



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