Neon French Mani

I loved wearing this mani so much!! I was completely inspired by @pinkandpolish on Instagram. She also did a nice write up on her blog of her mani as well.

For this mani I used Sally Hansen, Pearl Up from the Electric Summer collection and China Glaze, Son of a Peach. Malisa was kind enough to send me the Electric Summer collection and she shared with me that her favorite is Pearl Up. I thought Pearl Up would be a perfect color to pair with a neon coral/orange. I’ll be honest, I think I was right!

For this mani, I used two coats of Pearl Up and did a free hand French tip with Son of a Peach. I’m not fantastic at free hand French manis, but I think I get an A for effort. It’s probably two coats of Son of a Peach. I found this polish a bit difficult to work with. I’m not sure if it would have been any easier if I had done a full mani with it.

I topped everything off with a coat of China Glaze, Fairy Dust and a topcoat. I highly recommend this trying this mani. (@pinkandpolished also posted a video tutorial where she uses a tip guide.)

Neon French

Neon French


4 thoughts on “Neon French Mani

  1. I love this, for so many reasons…and yes, I’m obsessed with Pearl Up. I literally buy a Pearl Up whenever I see it in a store in case it suddenly goes away.

    • It’s limited edition, I think. So it’s a good idea to stock up. I might try to grab a back up. I feel like it’ll work really with a lot of colors. I need to start doing more nail art!

    • Thank you! I am loving the neon tips so much right now! Fairy Dust makes everything sooooo much better. I also discovered Golden Enchantment which is basically the gold version of Fairy Dust. It feels like my polish collection is now complete.

      hahahahahha. Oh, I thought that was funny! 😛
      ❤ ed

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