White to Purple Gradient

Today I have a gradient for you. I saw a photo of a set of of an amazing purple to white gradient. I saw it on Instagram and it turns out it’s been all over the place. I’m not sure whose photo this is, but if you know tell me so I can give credit!

Lovely gradient!

Lovely gradient! (not mine)

It looks like it’s been done with loose glitter and gel. I didn’t want loose glitter all over, so I tried to re-create it with a gradient. I had purchased the Finger Paints Poolside Paradise collection at Sally’s Beauty Supply and as soon as I saw the purple, I knew I was going to use it for this mani.

My gradient didn’t turn out as nicely as I wanted it to. It doesn’t look as blended as I had hoped. However, it’s still sparkly and I might try to do it again. I’ll try to not blend the purple as far into the white. Maybe it’ll just come with practice :).

I used Great White by Sally Hansen Triple Shine and Wild Bikini by Finger Paints from the Poolside Paradise collection.

Light box shot

Light box shot

Sunlight shot to see some of the sparkle

Sunlight shot to see some of the sparkle


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