KBShimmer Anniversary Trio – Swatches and Review

Hi guys!  Today I have swatches of KBShimmer’s 6th Anniversary Collection Trio. The beached themed trio was released at the beginning of the month. It contains 2 creme polishes, and one textured glitter.

The colors of this trio are AMAZING! “Beach Please” is a neon fuchsia pink creme, “Shore Thing” is a bright aqua creme, and complimenting both cremes is, “Hexy Bikini,” a textured glitter polish filled with silver, teal, and pink holo glitters.

The formulas of the creme are the typical KBShimmer awesomeness. KBShimmer’s cremes are probably one of my favorites among Indies. Rarely do you need more than 2 coats, and sometimes you can get away with one coat…like I did with “Beach Please.” The cremes self-fill very well, and they dry pretty quickly with a slight shine to them. I usually like to add a glossy top coat to make them extra super shiny. I’ve become a hardcore super fan of KBShimmer’s “Clearly On Top” Quick Dry Top Coat…seriously, after trying it once, I bought 2 more bottles, one for a friend and one as a backup. Anyways…here are swatches for the cremes….

 Beach Please

Beach Please by KBShimmer

Beach Please by KBShimmer


Shore Thing

Shore Thing by KBShimmer

Shore Thing by KBShimmer


Hexy Bikini

The glitter load for “Hexy Bikini” is pretty heavy, so you can get away with one coat over a base if you want to use it as a glitter topper. If you want a beautiful, fully covered accent nail, then 2-3 coats will cover a nail very well. Since I’m not a huge fan of textured glitters, I tend to cover them with a top coat to smooth out the finish, and make it extra sparkly.

Macro shot of Hexy Bikini by KBShimmer

Macro shot of Hexy Bikini by KBShimmer

Hexy Bikini by KBShimmer

Hexy Bikini by KBShimmer


If you love what you see, be sure to pick up your own trio at the KBShimmer store!

Store: KBShimmer.com
Facebook: facebook.com/KBShimmerBathandBody
Instagram: instagram.com/kbshimmer



2 thoughts on “KBShimmer Anniversary Trio – Swatches and Review

    • Lol! I was SO excited by my macro. After that one I started to take macro pics of everything. It was a literal, “OMG! Macro ALL the things!” moment.

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