HK & Friends Swatches

Recently, Heather over at Heather’s Hues had a sale and of course I participated. I picked up some polishes from the HK & Friends collection that is based on Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters.

Check out Heather’s Hues on Instagram today (Wednesday) because she’s having a flash sale!!

Frogs Ke-roak

Frogs Ke-roak is inspired by one of the cutest Sanrio characters (in my opinion), Keroppi! This polish is a “neon green jelly packed with neon green and emerald glitters in various shapes and sizes.” As with many of Heather’s polishes there are extra glitter ad-ins that you can choose. This is a super cool service that Heather offers and I love it!

The two optional glitters are baby pink circles included on the side or small neon pink squares mixed into the polish. I opted for the tiny pink square because I thought they went really nicely with the polish. Also, my nails are curvy which means larger glitters stick up on my nails.

This swatch is two coats plus a topcoat. It looks just lovely in the sunlight too! Just look at that gorgeous gold micro flakie goodness…LOOK AT IT!!!!

Frogs Ke-roak

Frogs Ke-roak

Frogs Ke-roak, so gorgeous!

Frogs Ke-roak, so gorgeous!

Playful Pup

Playful Pup is inspired by Pochacco. This polish is a “bright purple jelly filled with a black & white glitter mix in various shapes and sizes, as well as iridescent glitters.” I just love the black and white glitters in this. The purple is so lovely as well!

I found that I needed to use three coats to get this to an opacity I was happy with. The polish gets a bit thick after three coats, but I think we can all agree that it’s totally worth it!!!

This swatch has three coats plus a topcoat.

Playful Pup

Playful Pup

Playful Pup, up close

Playful Pup, so squishy!

Hip Hoppin’ & Boppin’

Hip Hoppin’ & Boppin’ is inspired by My Melody. This polish is a “hot pink jelly packed with scattered holo, as well as small dot glitters in matte baby pink and metallic hot pink.” Hot pink, scattered holo…need I say more?

Heather does have a warning on her site that this polish is super pigmented, so make to wear a strong base coat. I have been using Yellow Stopper under all of my glitter polishes because it makes removal such a breeze. I used two coats of Yellow Stopper and I had staining. Although, Yellow Stopper isn’t to stop stains, it’s to make your nails look  To take the staining off, I soaked my nails in some water with whitening denture tablets. It worked perfectly. For more ways to get rid of staining, check out this great article from Ana.

This swatch has three coats plus a topcoat.

Hip Hoppin' & Boppin', Do you see that scattered holo?!?!?

Hip Hoppin’ & Boppin’, Do you see that scattered holo?!?!?

This is the staining right after I peeled off the polish. It was fixed with a 8-10 minute soak.

This is the staining right after I peeled off the polish. It was fixed with a 8-10 minute soak.


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