Baby Shower Nails

This past Sunday I went to a surprise baby shower for my cousin. I knew I wanted to do something special and I had very grand plan of gradients and free-hand artwork. While I was taking off the polish from my first failed gradient, Andrew said he thought of something different for my nails. He wanted me to to a plaid/crisscross design and a bow. You know what happens when your fiance requests a nail design…you do it!!

He wanted baby pink as a base with blue and green for the crisscross. I didn’t have a creme green striper, so I substituted purple and I think it looks great. This was my first time doing a bow, so please don’t be too harsh. I know there are some errors with how turned out, however I’m very proud of it.

Everyone at the shower loved my nails! These were so easy that I can’t wait to try this with other color combos!

For this mani I used two coats of At First Blush by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and two stipers from Kiss Nail Artist in Soft Blue and Soft Purple. I topped everything with topcoat (please excuse the smudging on my pinkie).

Baby Shower Nails

Baby Shower Nails


3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Nails

  1. This is really perfect for baby shower! My sister will have a baby shower next week and I’ve been thinking what style I will use for my nails. I already prepared my gifts and everything, except for my outfit and of course my nails. Thanks for sharing. The bow looks cute!

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