Seashell Splatter Nails

Hi All! I know I’m a day late with my Tri-Polish mani, but we’ve been having some WordPress issues, so I wasn’t able to get it up yesterday. This Splatter mani was also done for #amysuntriedaugust on IG. I’ve normally seen this done on YouTube and other video tutorials by blowing through a straw. However, I decided I was too lazy to run through the McDonald’s drive thru for a drink in order to get a straw or two. So, I decided to try and be innovative with what I had in the house. Thus, I used a sea shell. You know…the spiral looking, long-ish kind.

Pic from “Pictures of Seashells”

Like this ^ one, but not this one, because the one I used is now covered in nail polish. Surprisingly, it actually worked.

Splatter Nails

Splatter Nails

The polishes I used were:

  • – Citrus Collide by¬†Maybelline(part of the Bleached Neons collection)
  • – Blue by You by Sinful Colors
  • – Rock-It by Orly
  • – French Tip by Studio M

Have any of you guys ever used something unconventional in order to achieve a nail art look?



2 thoughts on “Seashell Splatter Nails

    • Thank you so much! Lol, I broke off the pointy end to make the hole a little bigger, covered that opening with polish, and blew through the larger end. It was literally like blowing a little conch shell, haha.

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