Julie G Polka Dots

Hey guys!! Malisa and I both took vacations at the same time…which probably wasn’t the best thing for blogging. I’ll let Malisa tell you all about her adventures. My adventures were in Hawaii. Andrew and I went to Hawaii to do some venue scouting for our wedding. It was sunny and hot and we went to the beach. Most importantly, I got to have shave ice. Shave ice is one of my most favorite things in the world and the mainland just doesn’t have it like Hawaii does.

Anyway, now we’re back and blogging. Today I have a simple polka dot manicure using two Julie G polishes. Julie G is an affordable drugstore brand that I had previously passed on. It goes on sale now and then, but I hadn’t experienced a real desire to purchase any colors. Then I watched this lovely video from Nicole at Young Wild and Polished on Youtube. I love recommendations for polish, so I decided to pick up a couple colors that were on Nicole’s top ten list.

The polishes I used in this mani are Fierce and Fab (purple) along with 9 to 5 (peach). These were so great to use. They were easy to work with and I love this mani too!! I tried to show the mani in different lighting so you could get a better idea of the true color of the neon. Hopefully it worked. 🙂

Julie G Polka Dots

Julie G Polka Dots

Julie G Polka Dots

Julie G Polka Dots

Julie G Polka Dots

Julie G Polka Dots


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