Swatch: Lilac Fizz

I’ve apparently decided that this week is a week to blog about Candied Apple Polish. Today I have another swatch for you thanks to Alison’s genius polish-making skills.

I decided to do a gradient of Lilac Fizz over a greyish-silver polish. I just wanted something that looked warm and for some reason I think purple and gold and grey look really cozy together. Seriously, this mani makes me want to learn how to knit so I can knit a sweater to match this mani. If anyone would like to volunteer to knit it for me, that’d be cool too! 🙂

For this watch I did two coats of Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer in Suitor of Armor and a glitter gradient with Lilac Fizz. My ring finger has one coat of Lilac Fizz. Everything has a topcoat.

Lilac Fizz

Lilac Fizz

Lilac Fizz

Lilac Fizz


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