Gradient Jellies

Hi, guys! Malisa here. I know it has been quiet from my side of the country for a better part of a month now, and I am so, so, so x 100000 sorry for dropping the ball.

During my last post I was in the middle of changing jobs, and during the whole orientation/acclimation of my new job, I also took two vacations to Michigan (love that state). Plus, if you saw my other half’s post on Mango Bunny Polish, you can guess that any free time at all in my schedule is going towards our upcoming launch of our own Indie line. Now that things are slowly calming down, I can get back to the things that help me relax and focus – blogging and my nail polish!

With that said, I return today to show off some of my all time favorite lemmings from Emily De Molly, and a Reverie gifted from Ed during her visit this weekend.

emily de molly reverie gradientThis mani is a 3 color gradient starting with Emily De Molly‘s “Dark Forces” at the top, Emily’s “Cosmic Forces” fill in the middle, and Reverie Nail Lacquer finishes the tips with “Red Sky at Night.” All was topped with my current obsession, “Clearly on Top” by KBShimmer.

I did another mani using Emily De Molly‘s polishes last week.

emily de molly gradientThis mani was only a 2 color gradient, and I used Emily De Molly’s “Oceanic Forces” and “Dark Depths.”

Glitter jellies are my favorite type of polish, I mean honestly…it’s pretty much a jelly sandwich without the work. So when I saw the Emily De Molly‘s, I HAD to have them. I even went as far as ordering them all the way from Singapore, because waiting for a US restock while she was on maternity leave was pretty much killing me. The good news is that I recently saw that she is back from maternity leave, and just had a restock of her polishes, along with some new shades!




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