Swatch: Cozy Camper

Today I have a quick swatch from Candied Apple Polish. You all know that I L-O-V-E all of Alison’s pretty polish babies. I put all of Alison’s polish in the same box and I always hope that the polishes get together and reproduce. So far, this experiment has been unsuccessful. 😦 But I will keep trying! 😛

Anyway, Cozy Camper is the Candy half of the September Candy Drop Duo.

The Candy Drop Duo is a monthly limited edition set with one polish from Drip Drop Nail Paint and one polish from Candied Apple Polish. Be sure to follow @dripdropnailpaintand @candiedapplepolish for all of the info!

Cozy Camper is a gorgeous plum jelly with blue and pink glitters of various sizes. I just love a good jelly polish and this does not disappoint! The color is deep enough to cover a nail line and jelly enough to give a lot of depth to the polish. Basically it’s dreamy. The glitter mix is so fun and nicely suspended so there’s no glitter fishing needed!

This swatch could have been done with two coats, but this polish applies so well and looks so beautiful that I did three coats! Oh and a topcoat!

Cozy Camper

Cozy Camper

Cozy Camper

Cozy Camper


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