Nail Fail Friday: Valentine’s Day

Today I have something special for you…a nail fail! I figured what better way to celebrate Friday than with a nail fail. I’m hoping to make this a regular post since not every mani makes it to the big time…even though I spent time on it, lol!

I did this mani around Valentine’s Day. The day after finishing this, I took it off and did a different mani. I figured I would share my nail fail anyway.

What makes this a fail

For me, I found that the gradient was fairly difficult to do. The colors just weren’t blending and getting as opaque as I wanted. I’m also not a huge fan of the heart pattern. I’m not very good at patterns that require random placement and I think that shows quite a bit here. On my Cinderella hand, I was disappointed with the varying sizes of my dots. The smearing from the topcoat didn’t help either design.

What I’d Do Differently

I actually really like the colors and the general idea of this mani. I would like to recreate it and have it be successful. Next time, I’ll use the Drip Drop pink as my base for the gradient. I love that polish so much, but it was the one that had the most trouble getting opaque. I had used white, but I think the sponged opacity will work out just fine. For the hearts, I’ll probably do a more linear pattern. As for the dots, I’ll just have to practice!

V Day Nail Fail

V Day Nail Fail

V Day Nail Fail, Cinderella hand

V Day Nail Fail, Cinderella hand


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