Hey there and welcome to Cross-Country Beauty! We’re two friends living cross-country who love beauty products! We want to share our hits & misses and everything in between.

Ed I’m Ed, one part of Cross-Country Beauty. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my amazing boyfriend and adorable dog. I’ve recently discovered how much fun nail polish is! I love swatching colors and doing simple designs. Dotticures are my favorite! My beauty and makeup routines are fairly simple. I love trying new face wash, moisturizer and eye cream. My makeup is pretty simple, but I’m hoping to start trying some new things. I also post photos of my nails on Instagram, @ed_nails

Malisa I’m Malisa, the other part of Cross-Country Beauty. I live in Indiana with my incredible husband and two very energetic Australian Shepherd dogs. I’ve always been obsessed with beauty products and makeup. I love trying new products and experimenting with colors and trends! My favorite kind of beauty products are nail polish, lip products, and anything that multi-tasks. I don’t have time for a one-hit wonder! Be sure to check out my “Love It or Leave It” features to see what’s worth buying and what should be left at the store. Recently, I was introduced to nail art as well (so don’t judge me too harshly when you see my amateur attempts). I like to post photos of my favorite beauty finds on Instagram, @beautybento

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